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Love parameter 18-2

Chapter 18 : For World Peace (Difficulties and Harem 3) [part 2]

「umu,the view looks magnificent」

four different types of beauties who are showing their asses here.

i was burning that sight in into my memory.

while seeing on this side, there are various types of pussy here.

small and lovely one.

smooth and slippery one.

inviting lewd adult like one.

one who had hair growing while the other didn't have one.

however each and every pussy looks lovely.

compared to what i say on the net where there were a lot of  darkish colored pussy ,i would not get tired of using these pussies.

「Tomoko sensei enormous amount of pussy juice is leaking out of you.was sakuya's finger that good?」


out of the four,i bring my face close and sniff yamashina-sensei pussy which was bullied by sakuya-san fingers which sensei responded with an embarrassed voice.

her pussy is small compared to other three , while sniffing at it my rock hard penis started twitching,

there was no hair.since it did not grow.that is my 24 year old sensei.

「sakuya-san.....i wonder you bullied tomo-chan too much? her pussy got this wet already」

「fufufu yamashima-sensei was so cute......Hya!!」

while speaking i inserted my finger into sakuya-san vagina which got swallowed easity.

the lewd hole started to get tighten with 『kyun kyun』 sound when my finger got inserted.

soon the vagina got wet 『toro toro』which gave a pleasant sensation to my fingers.

there was a thin hair growing near the the pink meat hole of an innocent girl.

makes me want to violate her so badly.

「ema-san sayaka-san....waaa,you both got this wet.

i wonder licking my penis made you this excited」


「's embarassing」

sayaka-san had a thick black public hair near her pubis.

while ema-san contained golden colored public hair.

which was shaved leaving a little trace of public hair which creates a 『sawa sawa』sound when it stroke it.

「 you stroke that much...ann....ann!!」

「koutarou-kun, if you stroke it that much it i'll become peverted...」

while listening the perverted moans of these women i became excited,now who should i put it in first.
yosh,lets start putting it from here.

i'll start from putting it in ema who is on the left.

i grabbed ema's waist,to put my rock hard penis into her 『doro doro』pussy which swallowed it with a 『zubu zubu』 sound as if i was waiting for my rock hard meat stick.

i instantly start to feel the pleasure from the soft tightened pussy.

「ahh....hyaa...! PENIS-SAMA KITAAA........」

ema raises her voice in joy.

i start to intensely  bang her from behind with my penis and about the five time i pull out my penis  from her pussy.

「Ahh..Yaa.....Don't remove it....」

「next is sayaka-san.who is going to get violated」

「!!  something big is coming inside....」

i start moving to the right to violate sayaka-san.

the tightness of her pussy is different compared to ema.

it tightens gently, at the same time i feel as if it is trying to squeeze out drop of semen that i have,this pussy is almost like sayaka-san.

After 5 bangs i removed my penis  and moved to sakuya.

since i tried tasting them this way,i had a fun time while comparing the difference between them
As they start to shake their asses in pleasure,my penis got tightened up in their pussy,it started twitching 『kyun kyun』with a urge to release semen...

「fuwaa!! koutarou-kun's bigger than usual...!」

「sakuya too your pussy is tighter than usual....your excited than usual right」

i almost felt that i would ejaculate unintentionally,so i held back and inserted into yamashina sensei's pussy.

the small hole of yamashina sensei accepts my penis and starts to change form to make it compatible.
As expected after all its an pussy of an older woman.

as her vagina accepts with『kitsu kitsu』sound of my penis which is being suffocated being to hold  the ejaculation .

「fuu...! tomo-chan has become my exclusive meat hole」

「ann..!ann,.,! aa..........yes tomoko has become koutarou-kun's exclusive meat hole....hiyaaa...!」

a perverted 『guchi guchi guchi』sound starts to echo in the living room.

i start to ram my penis into their holes alternatively.

first i started to go right side and after that round is done i start moving towards left.

i still have decided not to ejaculate yet.

it's a Russian roulette after all.

like that doing many times...I'm almost at my limit soon, inserted into the ema's pussy.


「!! its started coming into me,,,,,,,koutarou-kun is going dokudoku inside me....」

its seems that ema is joyfully accepting my ejaculation with her pussy.

my spine started shivering 『BIKU BIKU』since i ran out of power,

「Ah.....ema-san im envious....」

「ema-san has an comfortable face right now」

the women who did not receive my ejaculation, started to look ema-san with a envious expression.
fufufu,Don't worry everyone,i still have boost which i can use for 3 times up my sleeve.

 i started to click with 「POCHI」sound,

「Ah,,,,nya!? it,,,,,it started to become big again.....」

「did you think that i would end it like this? because i'm planning to full everyone's pussy with my semen today」

The remote control is called and i pressed the boost button again, (TN: this is how DxD should have ended)

after that, the feeling of ejaculation that i had disappeared, my son started to become hyper and started shaking gin gin gin again so i inserted into ema's vagina where i left off.

「yosh, next is sayaka san...after that who should i pick i wonder...?」

「ann...! ann,,,,! koutarou kun is amazing」

i pull out from ema san's semen dripping vagina,and started entering into sayaka san.
even though i just ejaculated my penis increases the sensation even more,while looking at the panting sayaka-san and then,i started to fill my semen in each and everyone of them.

all that was left in my head was violate.....violate.....violate....

i started to pant while holding my penis while all the beauties are collapsed due to the pleasure.

eventually i finally released my fourth ejaculation into sakuya's pussy,it was the end of vaginal ejaculation for all the members.

while panting i rolled looking at the exhausted beauties  who were having semen spilling vagina,

i felt satisfied looking at the site, at that time the door at the entrance opened.

「I'm home-......aare? do we have guests?」


my step sister is finally home. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

i could not suppress the grin on my face,

i finally finished eating the main dish now its time for desert.

a desert that has not completely ripen to bore fruit,

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